Letter 038, pg. 1

To Frank O’Connor

The Murray
Sixty-six Park Avenue
New York

August 21, 1936

Cubby darling!

I received two letters from you, together—this morning. It was swell, and thanks, you did write after all. I couldn’t quite believe that you ever would.

You “catched” me on the “first, most and foremost”. All right, it was for Thursday and Friday. But you’re King of Beasts, Prince of Cubs, Thing of Beauty, and lions is felines! (Mainly dandelions ain’t!)

I have had a very exciting day today. Saw Jerome Mayer and it’s all settled. This contract [for a stage version of We the Living] will be signed probably Thursday. He didn’t make any funny demands for any collaborators, after I explained my point. He was very nice. We